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‘Jingle bells Jingle bells, Jingle all the way!’
It’s that time of the year when the streets are lit up with Christmas trees and colorful lights, and everybody is in the mood for celebration. The end of the year brings with it a whole load of festivities- from gifts to be distributed, to family gatherings and visits planned. No matter where you go, you are sure to be engulfed by the spirit of Christmas – be it playing Secret Santa at work, or even season discounts on products, prompting you to over spend.

So how to get over the holiday season without burning a hole in your pocket?

  1. Hosting a party – Everybody knows you throw the best party in town. But what if the same is costing you a lot? Turn your party into a potluck! Get your friends to bring a dish each – this way everybody contributes, and you can still be the perfect host! All you need is some good music to set up the venue!
  2. DIY Gifts – Gifts and greeting cards are sent out unanimously this season! So what will make your gift stand out? Do It Yourself (DIY) gifts will make the receiver feel special because you have invested your time in it, be it a simple hand written note or even your special homemade brownies! And the best part, it will definitely cost you less than a commercial gift bought at the store!
  3. Use Loyalty Points and Debit Card Offers – Have you received points for every spend at your favorite clothing store, or even the local grocery shop? It’s time to redeem them now. If you have an account with us, login to Equinox, see how many points you have accumulated, and use it efficiently to save up on your holiday purchase. Also don’t forget to check out exciting offers that are available on your Visa Debit Card.
  4. Sell unused products – Is the guitar you bought yourself last year on a whim, sitting unused in a corner? Put it up on one of the many websites that allow you to sell second hand – this way it can help supplement your budget. And who knows? The same might even become somebody’s special gift!
  5. Plan ahead – After the holidays is when you sit back and check on your finances to prepare for the new year, and the next set of festivities. And what better way than inculcating the habit of saving regularly to help plan for your future. Invest in a Recurring Deposit today and watch your monthly investment of Rs 10,000 grow into Rs. 1,25,761 * in a year.

* For illustrative purpose only. Actual maturity amount might vary depending on the date of deposit.


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