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Managing your finances is not simple with various bank accounts in different financial institutions. Unintentionally, many of you might have spread your accounts across different banks resulting in scattered financial records and missed various benefits. 

Each family member has unique financial needs, and coordinating multiple bank accounts can become overwhelming. However, Equitas Small Finance Bank recognizes the importance of simplifying banking for your family. With a comprehensive range of accounts tailored to suit every family member, Equitas provides a convenient and efficient solution to streamline your family’s financial management. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of family banking and the various accounts tailored to enhance convenience and financial well-being for your entire family. 

Equitas Small Finance Bank understands the diverse needs of families and offers specialized banking solutions tailored to different family members. Let’s take a closer look at the range of accounts they provide. From childhood to retirement, Equitas Small Finance Bank has got you covered.   

The Enjoi Account by Equitas is specifically designed for kids, offering a fun and interactive banking experience. Introducing children to the world of banking at an early age is essential to foster financial literacy. Children can learn to save, manage their pocket money, and develop financial discipline through this account. But why choose Enjoi? 

● Personalized Debit Card and offers
● Amazing Offers 

● Flexibility of Saving and Recurring Deposit 

● Exclusive brand alliances and much more… 

Equitas recognizes the preferences and expectations of the new generation and offers the Online Savings Account. Equitas Savings Account can be opened with zero balance just through video KYC. This account provides instant banking services through digital platforms, allowing tech-savvy individuals to access their accounts, make transactions, and manage their finances conveniently and quickly. Furthermore, your savings earn up to 7%*p.a. once your video KYC is completed. 

They also offer a savings account that provides a secure and reliable way to save money. These accounts come with various features such as internet banking, mobile banking, debit cards, and attractive interest rates of up to 7%*p.a. on balances above Rs.5 Lakhs ensuring that your family’s savings grow steadily over time. What if I tell you, that the money that you save in your savings account indirectly contribute to the good of the community? Equitas Small Finance Bank contributes 5% of its net profits back to the communities through various social activities and help millions of people achieve their dreams. A few benefits of the savings account are: 

● No Maintenance Charges 

● Nomination facility available 

● Spend more, Save more using a Debit Card, and much more… 

Equitas caters service to the businessmen of the family with their Current Account services. Designed specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners, this cool current account provides convenient banking services for managing day-to-day business transactions, payments, and fund transfers. The significant benefits of this account are: 

● Non-maintenance charge waiver
● Auto Sweep-in and sweep-out FD to earn from idle funds
● Combined free cash deposit limit and much more… 

The EVA Savings account by Equitas is designed exclusively for women to help them become independent and realise their aspirations. The EVA Savings account empowers women to manage their finances efficiently and achieve their financial goals. It offers attractive interest rates on savings accounts up to 7%*p.a. for balances above Rs.5 Lakhs along with a host of benefits and features: 

● Unlimited TeleHealth Consultation*
● Exclusive Offers on Debit Cards
● 25% Discount on Locker Rentals and much more… 

Elite Premium Account is the most preferred savings account, comes with a wide range of benefits and the best interest of 7%* p.a. on balances up to Rs.5 Lakhs. Elite offers exclusive privileges to lead your finances with flair and enjoy seamless banking with a host of benefits on your investments, savings, and spending with debit cards. The wide range of exclusive benefits is listed below: 

  • A dedicated relationship manager 
  • Free insurance up to Rs 90 Lakhs 
  • A flat 50% discount on lockers and much more… 

Equitas recognizes the valuable contributions and financial priorities of senior citizens. They offer special rates up to 9%*p.a. on Fixed Deposits (FD) for senior citizens for 444/888 days, ensuring that their savings grow steadily while providing them with a secure investment option. Normal citizens can earn up to 8.5%* p.a. on FD for 444/888 days.

Families often have shared financial responsibilities and transactions. Instead of juggling banks and missing out on benefits, you can utilize the full potential of an Equitas Wings Savings Account for your family to bank under one roof. This centralized approach saves time and effort, making it easier to keep track of transactions, and group balances. Thus making you eligible for attractive benefits and perks. Also, this account has a couple of benefits for you.

● Attractive reward points on swipes at Merchant outlets and Online
● Group all your family accounts and enjoy a group balance
● The attractive Interest rate on your savings is up to 7%*p.a. and much more…


Consolidating all your bank accounts under one roof offers numerous advantages that can significantly improve your financial management. Simplified account management, enhanced financial visibility, improved interest rates, and banking benefits are just a few of the compelling reasons to consider this approach. Furthermore, by bringing your accounts together, you can take control of your finances, save time, and make more informed decisions, ultimately achieving your financial goals with greater ease.


Therefore, plan smartly and save time by family banking with Equitas Small Finance Bank.


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