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Savings account is always a better option to deposit your hard-earned money. Grow your money by choosing the best savings account in the market. Savings account is considered one of the best liquid investments apart from cash (obviously, cash is not a safer option).Savings account gives the customer a flexibility to keep their liquid assets aside for emergency or contingency.

Interest rates on savings is de-regularised by RBI and hence every bank can decide its own rate for balance above Rs. 1 lakh on what is the rate of interest the bank wants to offer. Hence from time to time each bank alters the interest rate on savings accounts.

However, savings account as an alternative to save still is a good idea, due to the obvious benefits:

  • Money is savings account is as good as cash in hand, which can be withdrawn at any time
  • If you have a debit card you can access your money whenever you want and wherever you want
  • You can set up automatic deposits to steadily build your savings
  • Interest is paid out every on every quarter end or half-year end
  • More you maintain, better is the interest
  • Savings can be linked to other investment options too like: Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposits, and Systematic Investment Plans etc.

While many of the banks have decided to reduce the rate, Equitas Bank provides 6.5% savings interest on your balances above Rs. 10 lakhs.

5 reasons on why you should opt for Equitas

  • 6% interest for balance upto Rs. 10 lakhs and 6.5% interest for balance above Rs. 10 lakhs on savings account
  • Choice of debit card: RuPay or VISA: Classic, Gold, Platinum or Signature
  • Access your account anywhere through Internet/Mobile Banking
  • Passbook and nomination facility available
  • Choice account number, choose 10 digits of your account number

We at Equitas have gone an extra mile to ensure that our savings account suit your needs, which are hassle-free, digital, and easily accessible.

The option of grouping 5 savings account is also available. Customer can group up to five savings accounts with the advantage of maintaining one minimum balance.

It is time for you to decide which side you are on. Be smart and choose wisely.

* The above are generic features of savings account. Some of the services are available with specific products. Refer schedule of charges before making the choice of account variant.


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