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You have been planning your foreign dream vacation for quite a time, and now it is finally happening. A big kudos! But have you thought about how you will pay for your expenses while abroad? 

Making cash payments while converting between currencies might be challenging. Additionally, you might not be able to just stroll into an ATM and withdraw money with a regular debit card. Having an active, fully operational international debit card will ease your money concerns while travelling overseas! 

Let’s take a quick look at how international debit cards simplify life. International debit cards allow you to make transactions in different currencies. With an international debit card, you can withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide. This is particularly useful when travelling abroad, as it provides access to local currency. An international debit card can be a lifeline in case of emergencies while travelling abroad. It provides access to funds in your bank account, allowing you to cover unexpected expenses or access emergency cash. 

 So, if you think regular debit cards are the same as international debit cards, then you are mistaken. An international debit card enables cardholders to make transactions in multiple currencies and use it internationally, unlike a regular card that can only be used domestically. It is linked to a current account or a savings account, and the funds for purchases or withdrawals are deducted directly from the linked account. 

 Which bank offers a good International Debit Card? 

International Debit cards are offered by many banks, and you may wonder which one to get it from. Well, look no further, because we’ve got the answer for you. The card offered by us at Equitas, comes with the Elite Programme, which hasan array of benefits aside from the ones that have already been mentioned.  

How do I get an Elite International Debit Card from Equitas and what are its benefits? 

The steps are very simple. Simply make sure that your account balance is above Rs 5 lakh or has a Total Relationship Value of more than Rs 25 lakh and you will automatically be eligible to get the Elite account. You can also group your accounts and enjoy family banking.  

Equitas Elite comes with an array of perks and luxurious experiences. When you get a card from Elite, you are automatically eligible for complimentary lounge access at domestic airports in select cities! You can also enjoy no fuel surcharge at any petrol pump in India. You can be assured of free insurance of up to Rs 60 lakhs for air accident cover and up to Rs 20 lakhs for personal accident cover. You can also enjoy best-in-class offers like 1.5% foreign exchange markup on International purchases! 

 This is the only step that stands between you and your dream life. So don’t wait! Get your Elite Premium Savings account today and experience the fun of having an International Debit card! 


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