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Inflation can never be your problem until it hits you hard. When the day-to-day commodity price starts to mount, as a consumer you might feel the punches. The value of money will hit rock bottom and the consumer’s purchasing power will reduce effectively but there is an overall economic growth that pops-out of inflationary pressure.

Make sure to plan your investment.So that you can be on the safer side, where your assets can maintain purchasing power.

Here are few tricks for you to escape the inflation and be on good terms.

Invest in assets

Be it real estate or gold, when done right, it can save you from inflation effects. The rising cost of commodities can influence your asset value to increase. Make the alternative assets (such as student accommodation, commercial infrastructure) income as stable income stream, which can be your good inflation protection.

Rely on the Best Interest Rate on the market

Low savings interest rate and soaring inflation can be a dangerous combination. Why rely on the lowest interest rate when you can earn upto 6.5% interest for your savings. Moreover, if you are a fun lover who wants to be splashed with something new, Equitas offers you an interactive digital account experience. Have your Aadhaar & PAN handy to open the most interactive and highest interest rate savings account.

Savings can cool-off the inflation and highest savings interest rate can save you from high soaring inflation. So save more instead of spending.

Time for an investment plan

Stock investing is not something to avoid for the rest of your life. It is a reliable investment option and more importantly, it is time for you to stop panicking while investing in stocks. Always do own few equities as this can save you from the dreadful inflation. If you are confused about which company’s stock to invest. We have few ideas; invest on the commodity companies (Oil, Grain, Metal, etc.) and this companiesstock may rise during inflation.

Inflation can go unnoticed but the ripple effect it creates can turn your life upside down. So, be prepared to combat the inflation effects. Inflation can cause both good & bad effects; it is upto you to land on good terms. Learn more about how to save yourself from inflation and be on the safer side.


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