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It was 11 am and Vimala, a 45 year old tender coconut vendor is already having a busy day at work. It’s the peak hours of her business where passerby’s stop for a quick sip of this thirst quencher. With over 25 years into this business, she has started acquiring stock from multiple towns and she now has vendors who give her the best quality coconuts.

She runs her business at Mandaveli where people fondly call her “Pollachi amma” as she sources her coconuts from Pollachi and Pondicherry.With two college-going daughters to support, she had her initial share of struggles when she started out this business. The frequency of sales is usually accelerated during the summer. She even runs out of stock on a few days.

These are the days that bring in maximum profits where she sells close to 150 – 200 coconuts per day. During the Monsoons, the sales are rather dull as compared to the summers. Rains degrade the sales as she has to move to a different place in order to safeguard the existing goods, as result of which she manages to sell only 10-15 coconuts per day.

This seasonal inconvenience gave her fluctuating revenue and she found it very difficult to manage her daily expenses during the rains. It was during this juncture that Equitas Bank identified her and had offered to give her loans so that she can procure goods and also stay aloof when times were difficult.

When asked about how she fares after taking the loan, she replied “Equitas has not only enabled me to stabilize my existing business, but now I also sell few other extra goods during the festival season. Incense sticks, coconuts, sugarcane, flowers, name it and I ensure I have that in stock when there’s a festival coming up.”It’s her fifth loan cycle with Equitas Bank and her prompt payment of dues has made her a star at the women’s self-help group of Mandaveli.We are proud to associate with women like Vimala who work diligently and set an example in the society.


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