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Are you someone who shops a lot and loves to travel? Then you must know that the debit card is your best friend! Debit cards have become a part of our daily lives in this digital era, where most financial transactions are cashless. Having a debit card will not only help you make payments without actually carrying money, but it will also give you amazing benefits that you won’t get by using hard cash. Debit cards make shopping a breeze, be it in your favourite boutique or online. But a common myth is that having a debit card will make you give in to temptation and spend money on impulse. Our Platinum Chip Debit Card offers a wide range of benefits so you can live your best life and, at the same time, save your hard-earned money.  

You can take advantage of a variety of fantastic offers with the Wings’ Platinum Chip Debit Card, which will enable you to save money while you shop. You won’t ever have to worry about running out of cash while on a shopping spree because you will have maximum access to funds throughout India!   

Additionally, you have access to more than 26 million merchant locations worldwide for shopping! By swiping your Platinum Chip Debit Card at merchant outlets and using it for online modes of payment, you can earn valuable reward points!  

Wait in comfort for your airplane with exclusive lounge access at domestic airports, which comes with the Platinum Chip Debit Card! You will also be eligible for emergency Card Replacement and cash disbursement while travelling abroad, so you can travel without worry.  

How can you get our Platinum Chip Debit Card that offers you all these benefits? It’s very easy! Simply open a Wings Account with us! What are you waiting for?   

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