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If you are like every other person, then you would not generally associate the terms ‘money’ and ‘friends’, because why would anyone? If you agree, then this blog might change how you look at things.  

As your BFF, that’s right, your Banking and Financial Friend, we want to pass on to you, four ways in which you can be besties with your money.  

1. Set aside before you Spend and Money will be your Friend  

Each month before you get the chance to spend your money, make it a hard and fast rule that you will set aside the money that you need to pay bills, EMIs, taxes and other expenses before you start spending money on other things.   

An easy way through which you can make sure money is saved is by booking an RD with us. With an interest of up to 8.2%* p.a., it will be the perfect way for you to earn while you save. And as the money will directly be debited from your account, you can be at peace knowing that you have some money saved up.  

2. Emergency Money can be your Buddy   

When life hits you with one of its unexpected twists, make sure you have that one friend who will always have your back aka Emergency Funds.  Having Life Insurance helps you to plan for the future of your family with or without your presence.  

Under the big umbrella of Life Insurance, we offer a wide variety of products which cater to the different needs of your life. From giving your family a secured future in your absence, helping you plan for different milestones in your life and giving retirement solutions for a happy retired life, we provide you with best-in-class protection, savings & retirement solutions. *T&C Apply  

3. Make financial goals your Amigo  

Keeping your goals in sight will help you have a sense of direction. Having goals will also ultimately help you stick to your budget, as you will be working to achieve a particular thing.   

Your financial goals can be as small as aiming to save up to buy something you’ve always wanted, to becoming a homeowner, but you can start by booking an FD with us, from which you can get an interest of 8.5%* p.a. for 444 days.  

4. Save with Retirement in mind   

It might seem like it’s very premature and unnecessary if you’re not going to get retired at any point in the near future. But trust us, it is. Saving up for retirement will help you save up  

enough to make sure you can have a comfortable retirement and not depend on anyone. Saving small amounts from now will make it easier for you in the future and booking RD and SIPs will be a better solution. Investing in RD can get you an interest of up to 8.2%* p.a. and SIPs can help you grow your wealth over time.  

Now you know what to do! Follow these tips and you can make your Money ‘Mon Amie’.  


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