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Tips to have a best home loan:

Building your future home can always be a reality with home financing but you have to be cautious while choosing your home loan. The interest rates varies with the bank, think smart and avoid a huge debt on your head.So, here are the tips to make sure you get what you deserve!

Tenure of the loan:

Be careful with the duration. You need to understand your income levels and the instalment and decide on the tenor accordingly. Banks normally look at 50% of your income for repayment towards the instalments.

EMI calculator:

Make use of it, this will help you to calculate your duration and the interest accordingly.

Processing fees:

Do take a note of the processing fee. This is an upfront payment which you need to make before you start taking disbursement of your home loans from the financier.Last but not least!

Do not forget to read the terms and conditions, even if it is 10 page long. Whatever it is , do take a look at it and make sure you don’t miss out anything.Hope you get the idea of it, do look at our interest rates and go through our terms & conditions. You might find it economical. For more, click Home Finance


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