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A long drive is something to look forward to. The breezy drizzles, road-side aromatic dhabas, buzzing wind, the fresh grass smell, and the list goes on.

Don’t start packing now, just wait until we finish. Then you go can go anywhere from mountain trekking to bungee jumping.

If you have travelled through road, you might have experienced the worst things of highways too. Here we are going to discuss about that and make the highway a better place to drive.

Lack of road sense

Lot of people forget that the road has other vehicles and drive in highway as they do at corner streets. It is seriously annoying when drivers start ignoring others. So better, stay away from those.

Wrong lane driving

This is seriously annoying, if you don’t know which lane to go, see the sign age or just look around you and figure out what others are trying to do.

Don’t be blunt while on multiple lane highways, it can be extremely fatal.

Tollgate queues

Why god Why?! These toll plazas are the worst thing of highways. You have to wait just because other drivers don’t have the exact money change or changeover of staffs at tolls or the manual money collection.

NHAI (National Highways Authority of India) has found an amazing way to overcome this issue by digitalizing the toll payments with the Electronic Toll Collection/FASTag, which can overcome all those toll issues.

You can get selfeFASTag within days of registration and once you’ve received your tag, recharge the Tag and pass highway tolls like a boss!


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